Glenrose DNR 160 Update

Glenrose DNR 160

Dear Glenrose Association Members and Residents: 

Please read the important letter and invitation from Dave Schaub, President of The Dishman Hills Conservancy (DHC) pasted below. 

Through the unwavering herculean effort of The DHC, its leadership including Dave, their Executive Director Jeff Lambert, and many others, along with support from elected officials, local and state agencies, The Glenrose Association, and many residents, the 160 acre parcel known as the Glenrose DNR 160, is now set to be preserved in perpetuity as a natural area! 

This stunning achievement impacts everyone in Glenrose and all its future residents! The Glenrose DNR 160 makes up a huge swath of the forested Glenrose hillside. The preservation of this land is a major statement in the heart of Glenrose. We can now say with more confidence than before that we are, and will continue to be a rural community, full of open spaces. Through our continued efforts we intend to stay that way! 

As many of you know, this property has been owned by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The DNR has made it known for years that they wished to divest themselves of this parcel. A Likely outcome would have been a large development, which would have been an enormous blow to the rural nature of Glenrose. The benefit to Glenrose, DHCs trail system, and greater Spokane County, achieved by the approval of the preservation of The Glenrose 160, for current and future generations, cannot be overstated. Congratulations to the DHC and all those that participated in making this welcome news a reality. 

The Glenrose Association wishes to publicly thank the DHC and all those that have had a hand in making this happen. All of you have given us, and future generations a gift whose value exceeds measure. Thank you so much for this gift, and all you have done for Glenrose!    

Best Regards,
Richard Brooke


The Glenrose Association

 Dear Glenrose Association Members and Residents: 

Please join the board of the Dishman Hills Conservancy in celebrating and learning more about the conservation future of the Glenrose 160.  

With the finalized WA State Budget has come the exciting news that WA State Department of Natural Resources will transfer the Glenrose 160 parcel to Spokane County as a Conservation Futures land holding. This wonderful conservation victory has come about as a result of numerous years of dedicated effort and collaboration between the Dishman Hills Conservancy, Spokane County Parks, Spokane County Commissioners, concerned neighbors and the Washington State DNR regional and state offices. This transfer of ownership will help ensure that the land remain open and undeveloped as a great asset to the Glenrose neighborhood and the larger Spokane region. 

On Tuesday, July 21 at 5:30 Jeff Lambert, DHC Executive Director, Dishman Hills board members and representatives of Spokane County will meet at the north end of Thierman Road for a 1 hour informative hike; Glenrose neighbors are invited to attend the hike to learn about the upcoming transfer of this land into Spokane County ownership and management. 

Parking at the end of Thierman is limited, so carpooling is encouraged. Please RSVP to Dave Schaub at 

David Schaub
(509) 944-6820

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