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5/29- Glenrose Assn. Annual Mtg., 7pm, Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal Rd  -

Public Gatherings cancelled for now. Our meeting place - Moran Prairie Library remains closed. Watch for updates for events happening in Glenrose. Moran Prairie Library, our meeting place, is closed until Spokane County meets the requirements for Phase 3. We are certainly not in a hurry to have a meeting until everyone in the community is comfortable with getting together.

6/26 -  Mandamus Hearing at the Spokane County Courthouse - Courtroom 403, 1116 W Broadway Ave. Spokane, WA  99201 3pm


Are you wondering what crop is being raised here in Glenrose that has the brilliant yellows & greens in it? It is called Canola. It was developed in Canada in the early 1970's. The name was a condensation of "Can" from Canada and "OLA " meaning "Oil, low acid. It has proved to be an excellent crop to use in rotation with wheat to control weeds. If you would like to learn more click on this link - CANOLA OIL, to learn all about it. Don't forget to snap a pic while it is still in bloom!

Thanks to all of you that have joined or renewed your membership in TGA for this year! If you are new and wondering how your donations are used click on this link - Presidents Letter, to learn more. Donations can be made through the mail or online. Links to both are listed below.



This picture was taken in the forested area southwest of 29th and Glenrose. There are two pairs living there. For all of you K-6 stay at home students - can you identify this owl? Send your answer to the association email address -
Correct answers will receive a prize!


After applying for a grading permit in early January and the County Planning Department asking for public  comment through February 26th there have been no actions. The planning department is reviewing the comments but has not made a ruling on the project. That does not mean the TGA legal team has been dormant.

1- TGA appealed the SEPA application on 2/26/20.

2- A court date for our writ of mandamus case with the county has been set for 6/26/20. The public will be able to attend the hearing. 

Of course all of this is contingent on the status of the pandemic!

Glenrose Trailhead completed...
giving access to 160 acres of pristine vistas enjoyed by many in 2019. Through careful coordination with Spokane County Parks we have a great place for people to enjoy the flora and fauna of our great area!

Do you believe the rural character of Glenrose has value and is worth saving? Sign the petition. Click on this link,
PETITION, and sign on line. Invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to sign. Come to a Glenrose Association Meeting and sign a paper petition if you prefer. There is strength in numbers! We have got to yell it from the rooftops and you can show your support by signing the petition!


Composing a letter to the editor gets the word out to the general public  in the county. With all the effort put into the letters to WRC why not re-purpose your letter and send it to the S/R. Everyone in the county and city needs to hear our message. Write a letter expressing your feelings today. Need some ideas? Click HERE to read what others have written. It will pay, guaranteed!  

              WOMEN'S CLUB
Women's Club Mtg., details to be announced.
For more information please contact Stephanie. You can email her at or give her a call - 206-229-7563.

If you haven't joined/renewed your membership to TGA now is the time!

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Did the recent round of dry smoky weather catch your attention? Here is a check list for making your place more wildfire resistant.
1. Get a free assessment of your property. Click on this link -
Spokane Conservation District, to learn how.
2. Plan your projects in the late spring and summer.
3. Thin in late fall to early spring when the bark beetles are not flying and there is not a fire danger.
4. No fires when it is dry and hot. Click on this link-
Spokane Regional Clean Air, for burning rules and restrictions.
5. Pat yourself on the back for your hardwork!

Click on the link below for latest tip on decks.

Ember Ignited Decks

As many of you are aware TGA has been running a statement ad in the S/R multiple times this month confirming the community's commitment to keeping Glenrose rural! On December 15th we had a full page ad with 630 petition names. If you didn't see it click on this link, FULL PAGE, to see the ad. If you signed the petition and aren't in the paper it is simply because of newspaper deadlines and when you signed the petition. We have now collected over 750 names of people supporting our cause to keep Glenrose rural

Click on image to see full rez ad



Monthly association meetings held at Moran Prairie Library 7:00PM 9:00PM. Meeting dates & notifications sent by email

JULY Meeting Cancelled


As you can well imagine all events related to Glenrose have been postponed. Our annual meeting is postponed until the Coronavirus subsides and we are able to join together. We have also postponed our annual cleanup day for the same reason. This virus event will subside and there will be a better day. We look forward to that day!

In the meantime if there was ever a place you had to be sequestered Glenrose has to be high on the list. What a beautiful place to go outside and take a walk! The picture above was taken on the Glenrose trail off the end of Thierman Road. If you want to take a stunning hike Glenrose is the place. Click on this link,
TRAIL MAP, to see where the trail goes. It is easy to social distance on a hike, here it is in our own backyard!




  • The planning director must respond to our request from July 9, 2019 by producing and providing an administrative interpretation of the zoning code classifications as they relate to the proposed project. Is the proposed sports complex a community recreation facility or is it more than that? Is it a participant sports facility which is not allowed in our rural area?

  • Judge McKay found that Pederson has never responded to our request and that he must do so per county code. Pederson has chosen to defy the rules and stonewall the community. Not any  more!

  • It is a bittersweet victory for the Glenrose Community. One would think that the county would be impartial and support both sides. In this case we were forced to sue the planning director to follow the code. Due to the hard work of our community, our attorneys, and significant contributions of time and money from all of you we have prevailed!


Our attorney and the Spokane County Attorney will confer on a time frame for the planning director to issue the administrative interpretation of "community recreational facility" versus "participant sports facility". That will provide more clarity about the sports complex classification. This is an important victory for Glenrose, however, it is very likely this case is far from over. We ask for your continued support to see this process through to its final conclusion. Stay tuned as the case evolves. 

How do you define Glenrose?

Does this picture define our rural character? 


Does the picture below?
(Artist rendition of proposed Sports Complex)


History of the Sports Complex

After applying for a grading permit in early January and the County Planning Department asking for public  comment through February 26th there have been no actions. The planning department is reviewing the comments but has not made a ruling on the project. That does not mean the TGA legal team has been dorment.

1- TGA appealed the SEPA application on 2/26/20.
2- Our Attorneys filed their brief with the court on our mandamus case. It is a very interesting read and gets to the heart of the case. Click on this link -
WRIT OF MANDAMUS BRIEF, to read the brief and fully understand the implications of our case with Spokane County Planning Department.
2- A court date for our writ of mandamus case with the county has been set for 6/26/20. The public is suppose to be able to attend the hearing but due to the social distancing rules at the time it is hard to say what the court will do. As soon as we are notified we will send the community a notice but in the meantime save 6/26/20 at 3pm if you plan on attending the hearing and listen to the county's arguments as to why they shouldn't respond to our request.


  •  1/2/20 - SYSA applies to Spokane County Planning Department(SCPD) to adopt existing environmental documents dating from 1/8/2010 (SEPA)

  •  1/3/20 - SYSA applies to SCPD for a Grading Permit for the project

  •  2/12/20 - Notice of application for grading permit posted and community notified. Written comments will be considered if made to SCPD within 14 days. Note: Many in the community along with our legal team made comments for the file. Note: The application is still under consideration by SCPD. No ruling has been made as of 4/1/20.

  •  2/17/20 - SYSA asks Spokane City Council to consider extending city water to SYSA site. Note: We and our legal team are working on a community response to this request.

  •  2/25/20 - Over 50 people attended the county commissioner meeting. Many spoke before the commissioners voicing our objection to this proposed development.

  •  2/25/20 - TGA legal team appeals SYSA  request to adopt existing environmental documents

  •  3/3/20 - Judge Julie M McKay selected to hear our Writ of Mandamus Case against SCPD director, John Pederson, asking him to make an administrative interpretation of the zone classification. The community feels that it is improperly classified as a community recreational facility and should be classified as a participant sports or a spectator sports facility which is not allowed in this rural zone.

 6/26/20 - Hearing scheduled on our Writ of Mandamus Case. This can be attended by the general public.


Notice of Application
County Lighting Code
Addendum to Adapt Existing SEPA- Unofficial Copy


We had a great turnout of folks at the County Commissioners Meeting on February 25th. Many residents spoke and expressed their feelings to the Commissioners. They heard our concerns. For those that missed it, it would have done your heart good to hear the many comments.

At our March Glenrose Meeting we will give updates on the status of the Sports Complex Grading Permit Application and our lawsuit with the county regarding our request for a determination of the land use. Many people wrote comments regarding the application. The county planning department will consider the comments as they consider the application. Come to the meeting if you would like to learn more including a detailed plan of how the developer proposes to illuminate the site if allowed.

Moran Prairie Library
6004 S Regal Road
7pm, Wednesday, March 11th

At our last meeting people asked for new wire frames for their yard sign or a new sign. We will have both at the meeting on March 11th. If you have a broken wire frame with just the bottom legs broken off we can repair it. Bring the frame to the meeting and we will fix it for you.


To read the Notice of Application click on this link - APPLICATION. If you would like to make a comment on this application it must be written and returned by 2/26/20 at 4pm. Address your comments as follows -

Dawn Dompier, Project Coordinator
John Pederson, Building & Planning Director
Spokane County Building and Planning
1026 W Broadway; Spokane, WA  99260
Dawn Dompier

Are you looking for ideas when you make your comments to Spokane County Building and Planning. We have some options for you. On Saturday (tomorrow) between 2pm and 4pm we will have an information tent setup at the corner of 37th and Glenrose. Volunteers will be there to help you with your letter. We will have blank letters you can take to use. Stop by tomorrow afternoon to learn more about this unwanted and unneeded development being forced on our rural community. You say you're going to be gone or tied up? Click on this link, APPLICATION IDEAS, to learn about ways you can respond. You can also read the many articles that have been written over the past several years about the proposed complex. Clear on this link, ARTICLES, to read them now. 
Stop by the corner of 37th and Glenrose between 2&4PM tomorrow if you need help.


We had an excellent Glenrose Association Meeting on Wednesday, 2/12/20. It centered around the Notice of Application for a Grading Permit signs placed at the proposed sports complex site on Wednesday. To read the Notice of Application click on this link - APPLICATION.

Dawn Dompier, Project Coordinator
John Pederson, Building & Planning Director
Spokane County Building and Planning

At the meeting people asked for suggestions on the key issues they could comment about so we have provided some ideas below. It is important to remember that any comments you make will be considered by the County Planning Department when they decided whether to issue a grading permit.

  •  Spokane County Code 13.700.102 requires a public hearing on all Type II applications. Why is that not being done in this case?

  •  SCC Code 13.300.103 requires a community information meeting before an application is filed. Why is that not being done in this case?

  •  A permit should not be issued because this is not a permitted use. A "Participant Sports Facility" or a "Spectator Sports Facility" is not permitted in this rural zone. This is not a "Community Recreation Facility". No one is this community ask for it or wants it!

  • If you click on this link - Washington State Grant, you will find many reasons why this is not a community recreation facility.

  • The application states that this development is consistent with the type of land use, level of development, infrastructure, and character of development. This seems like a real travesty. It is not at all compatible with the rural character of the Glenrose Community.

  •  I am concerned about traffic impacts. With the build out of Trickle Creek 3&4 and the plans for the Twisted Willows Development to exit onto Glenrose Road won't that create traffic issues?

  •  Shouldn't there be turn lanes to enter and exit this site. 

  •  I am concerned about traffic gridlock in the case of wildfire. Are we inviting another scenario like what happened in Paradise, California?


  • I'm concerned about the plans for stadium lighting. How will the developer keep from taking away from my night sky?

  •  I'm concerned about the reflective light coming from the stadium lighting. How can the lighting be controlled so it won't have a major impact on my quality of life?

  • Glenrose is a natural bowl. How will the developer keep from having the sound from his sports fields and PA system reverberate throughout the community affecting my families quality of life?

  • Aren't there some major issues with the water on this site? Isn't this considered a wetland. 

  •  The runoff water from Tower Mountain recharges the Glenrose Aquifer. Will the water from the developers synthetic turf fields impact the quality of my water supply?

  • What will happen to our wildlife? Those wheat fields are grazed by deer, elk, moose, geese, just to name a few. Is there any consideration for them. Aren't you allowing the developer to forever change our rural Glenrose?

  •  If you have written a letter to the editor dust it off and send it as a comment about the development. Need some ideas? Click on this link - ARTICLES, to read some over the last several years.

Folks this is your opportunity to let the county know your thoughts. Don't miss this opportunity to express your feelings.

On January 3rd, 2020 Spokane Youth Sports Association applied for a grading permit to begin construction of their proposed sports complex on the corner of 37th & Glenrose Road. At about the same time they requested that the existing environmental documents (SEPA) from 2010 be adapted with some modifications. This information is currently under review by the county planning department. 
Below is the current design of the development as submitted. Plan on attending the February Glenrose Monthly Meeting to get details on what has been proposed and where we go from here. We will also discuss the status of our WRIT OF MANDAMUS suit with the planning department where we requested an administrative determination classifiing this development as a community recreation facility which we feel is incorrect according to the county code.

Click on image to enlarge

 On the legal front our attorney has requested the court to assign a Judge and for him or her to develop a case scheduling order to hear our suit with John Pederson, Director of the Spokane Planning Department. We are asking Pederson to respond to our request for administrative interpretation. To read more on this click on this link,
WRIT OF MANDAMUS. To read our original request to Pederson which he refused to respond to click on this link, REQUEST. Due to the holiday schedule nothing has happened regarding that request. We will notify all of you when we hear more. 

Here is a link to the ad we are running on your behalf in the
HERE to view the ad. It was in the Southside Voice on Thanksgiving Day and will run several more times during the month of December. We will have a full page ad with all the names of all the people that have signed our petition confirming our commitment to the preservation of RURAL GLENROSE as one of the ads. If you haven't signed the petition or have friends and family that haven't signed go to our website, PETITION, and sign today. We appreciate your support! 

April Is Renewal Month
Each year leading up to the annual meeting we ask for your support by joining/renewing THE GLENROSE ASSOCIATION. Click on the link - President's Message, to read President Bob Hyslop's Letter to kick off this years membership/donation drive. The message has a lot of information about future events but emphasizes the importance of supporting our community through your membership and donation.

You haven't had a chance to fill out your Glenrose Membership application yet? You can now do it online! Click on this link to our website -
On Line Membership Application - and join/renew your membership today.

Do you like the new sign at the corner of 37th & Glenrose? If you would like one of your own to mount on your fence they can be had for $174.08. Click on this link - SIGN INFORMATION, for details.


Help Glenrose renew our FIREWISE STATUS. If you have performed work on your property or had work hired done click on this link - Firewise Form, fill it out and mail or email back to us. It will help us fulfill our $2 per capita per year requirement showing we have worked towards making our community Firewise.


If you haven't been plan on attending this event. Here is a link, RESERVATION, to save a spot for you and your family. November 16th at the Stevens Creek Trail head

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Thanks so much for your care and concern for our community!



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