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NOVEMBER 15, 2022


11/15 - Glenrose Assn. Mtg., 6pm, Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal Rd

12/00 - No Glenrose Mtg. scheduled for December
Women's Club Mtg., details to be announced. For more information please contact Stephanie. You can email her at or give her a call - 206-229-7563.

For our Legal Fund

Here is where we are at regarding our legal fund goal. This is the anticipated cost to have our case against Spokane County and SYSA heard in Lincoln County Superior Court. If you would like to donate to the legal fund click on the liink, DONATE. The Glenrose community appreciates your contribution to the cause!

Click on this link, MorningStar,
to see the latest happening at the MorningStar Boys Ranch.

Are You Interested in Joining theTGA Board of Directors?

TGA BOARD POSITIONS OPEN Are you interested in becoming more involved with TGA?
As was reported in August our case with Spokane County and SYSA has been remanded back to Lincoln County Superior Court. We are waiting to be assigned a date for when the case will be heard. In conferring with our attorney we have been told that it will cost about $20,000.00 to prepare the brief and present the case in court. We are reaching out to all of you, your friends, and champions of rural Glenrose to help us raise the funds. Donations are tax deductable and can be made on line or through the mail. Click on this link, DONATION, to make your donatiion to the effort.


Just a heads up that there have been reported break-ins and prowlings recently in the area. Thieves are seen on cameras coming in and trying garage side doors at night-taking stuff if unlocked; prowling vehicles to see if doors are unlocked in front of houses.


There is still no word from the Court of Appeals on our lawsuit with Spokane County and SYSA. Stay tuned.




Click on these links - County Commissioner Map or for legislative districts - County District Map. to learn where the new boundaries are for upcoming elections.



People have to know that rural has meaning here in Glenrose. People have to know that we are not going to stand by and allow the government or anyone else to dictate what rural character means to all of us!




Financing the fight for our beloved Glenrose and our effort to keep in rural is expensive. Back in September of 2020 we began a goal of raising $50K to pay for anticipated attorney costs. To date we have reached 41% of that goat. A big thankyou to all of you that have donated to the cause. If you haven't donated yet and can help us reach our goal we really appreciate it. We have two ways for folks to contribute to the cause. Click on this link, DONATION, and fill out the paper form and mail it back with your donation or use the online form. It will be much appreciated.  

Do you believe the rural character of Glenrose has value and is worth saving? Sign the petition. Click on this link,
PETITION, and sign on line. Invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to sign. Come to a Glenrose Association Meeting and sign a paper petition if you prefer. There is strength in numbers! We have got to yell it from the rooftops and you can show your support by signing the petition!


Composing a letter to the editor gets the word out to the general public  in the county. With all the effort put into the letters to WRC why not re-purpose your letter and send it to the S/R. Everyone in the county and city needs to hear our message. Write a letter expressing your feelings today. Need some ideas? Click HERE to read what others have written. It will pay, guaranteed!  

 If you haven't joined/renewed your membership to TGA now is the time!

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Did the recent round of dry smoky weather catch your attention? Here is a check list for making your place more wildfire resistant.
1. Get a free assessment of your property. Click on this link -
Spokane Conservation District, to learn how.
2. Plan your projects in the late spring and summer.
3. Thin in late fall to early spring when the bark beetles are not flying and there is not a fire danger.
4. No fires when it is dry and hot. Click on this link-
Spokane Regional Clean Air, for burning rules and restrictions.
5. Pat yourself on the back for your hardwork!

Click on the link below for latest tip on decks.

Ember Ignited Decks


  •  1/2/20 - SYSA applies to Spokane County Planning Department(SCPD) to adopt existing environmental documents dating from 1/8/2010 (SEPA)

  •  1/3/20 - SYSA applies to SCPD for a Grading Permit for the project

  •  2/12/20 - Notice of application for grading permit posted and community notified. Written comments will be considered if made to SCPD within 14 days. Note: Many in the community along with our legal team made comments for the file. Note: The application is still under consideration by SCPD. No ruling has been made as of 4/1/20.

  •  2/17/20 - SYSA asks Spokane City Council to consider extending city water to SYSA site. Note: We and our legal team are working on a community response to this request.

  •  2/25/20 - Over 50 people attended the county commissioner meeting. Many spoke before the commissioners voicing our objection to this proposed development.

  •  2/25/20 - TGA legal team appeals SYSA  request to adopt existing environmental documents

  •  3/3/20 - Judge Julie M McKay selected to hear our Writ of Mandamus Case against SCPD director, John Pederson, asking him to make an administrative interpretation of the zone classification. The community feels that it is improperly classified as a community recreational facility and should be classified as a participant sports or a spectator sports facility which is not allowed in this rural zone.

 6/26/20 - Hearing scheduled on our Writ of Mandamus Case. This can be attended by the general public.
Hearing Examiner Final Decision March 2021

April Is Renewal Month
Each year leading up to the annual meeting we ask for your support by joining/renewing THE GLENROSE ASSOCIATION. Click on the link - President's Message, to read President Bob Hyslop's Letter to kick off this years membership/donation drive. The message has a lot of information about future events but emphasizes the importance of supporting our community through your membership and donation.

You haven't had a chance to fill out your Glenrose Membership application yet? You can now do it online! Click on this link to our website -
On Line Membership Application - and join/renew your membership today.

Do you like the new sign at the corner of 37th & Glenrose? If you would like one of your own to mount on your fence they can be had for $174.08. Click on this link - SIGN INFORMATION, for details.




In case you missed it, What a Fun Time!
After missing the cider party for two years we had a blast. On October 8th over 100 community members and friends gathered for our annual Glenrose Cider Party. By the numbers  - roughly 100 gallons of cider were made (its really, really, good!), the bluegrass band, Haywire, returned to the delight of the group, and as you can see, the Ford Tractor was a real hit! The day was spectacular and everyone who came wouldn't have changed a thing!








The National Fire Protection Association has a wonderful educational program to assist land owners in how to protect their homes and property against wildfire. Our Larry Hopkins is taking the lead in activating this program here in Glenrose. More information to follow on this but if you have any questions please reach out to Larry by clicking on this link,
FIREWISE COORDINATOR. Click on this link, Gambling on Natural Disaster is a Losing Strategy, to read an interesting article on how you can be proactive with your own home and property! There are all kinds of resources available to minimize the risk to your property. 

Click on this link - Survey Questions, to help TGA Board of Directors better understand how TGA can serve the community. In many ways we are experiencing a fresh start. Help us by answering a few short questions about your thoughts on TGA.


We were recently interviewed by the Journal of Business regarding the various developments occurring here in Glenrose and the impact they have on this area. The reporter, Erica Bullock, also interviewed a developer, and the CEO of the YMCA in the article. If you would like to read the full text, click on this link, Journal Article. For the interview we met Erica up on Thierman Rd. near the Glenrose Trailhead so we could look out over the Glenrose Community. While we were talking a number of walkers came by along with cars heading up to the trailhead parking area. I explained to Erica that Glenrose is not made up of a bunch of NIMBY's. It is an area that has real value for all of Spokane. People live here AND VISIT our community to enjoy some serenity in their lives. If they come in the evening, they can see the Milky Way, but any time of day we all share and enjoy the huge population of wildlife and we all appreciate a little open space where we can take a breath. What does that mean to you? If you agree with us that sensible growth with plenty of open space is critical to one's mental well-being support The Glenrose Association because that is why it exists. We are here to preserve the rural character of Glenrose for everyone!


One thing that was very clear during the interview mentioned above, if the proposed sports complex is allowed to be built in Glenrose it will forever change the face of the community. We challenge anyone who claims the development is remotely compatible with the area. The county planning department doesn't seem to care, the county commissioners are a no show, and the property owners are simply not good neighbors. They could care less what the impact their development has on the Glenrose Community. It is up to us who live here to be the good stewards of our community not only for us but for everyone in the county!  We want to bring you up to date with our ongoing fight to prevent this development. If you recall our legal team filed our case in Lincoln County Superior Court rather than Spokane County. The right to file in an adjacent county has been a common practice for many years and was done to avoid any potential bias that may exist had our case been heard in Spokane County. The Spokane Youth Sports attorney challenged this action as being unconstitutional in the state of Washington. The Lincoln County Court agreed with SYSA, and we were forced to appeal to The Court of Appeals of The State of Washington Division III. Briefs have been submitted and the Court of Appeals will make their decision on April 29, 2022. We will learn our fate sometime after that  

A quick update on our appeal to Superior Court. It was filed on April 14th, 2021. Initial hearing dates and case schedules are being worked out between the county attorney and our attorney, David Bricklin.


The Spokane County Hearing Examiner, Mr. David Hubert, made his ruling. If you recall we appealed the Planning Director's administrative interpretation of the Sports Complex. The Planning Director, John Pederson, confirmed that the proposed sports complex is a "Community Recreation Facility" and therefore is allowed in our rural community. The Hearing Examiner agreed with the planning director. To read his ruling click on this link, Hearing Examiner Decision. To the consternation of our attorney, our Glenrose legal committee, and the entire Glenrose Association Board, neither the hearing examiner or the planning director have been willing to look at what this proposed sports complex actually is. Their position is that in our rural area the only thing that is allowed is a community recreation facility so that is what the proposed sports complex must be. For those of us that have followed this case this line of thinking makes absolutely no sense! 

After conferring with our attorney the Glenrose Association Board of Directors has decided to appeal this decision to Superior Court where we will have an entity that will give this case a totally unbiased look. The hearing examiner works for the planning department and unfortunately he generally finds for the county. At least in superior court we will have someone who will look at the facts of this case for what they are. Keep your fingers crossed. Our appeal will be filed by April 21, 2021.    

History of the Sports Complex

After applying for a grading permit in early January and the County Planning Department asking for public  comment through February 26th there have been no actions. The planning department is reviewing the comments but has not made a ruling on the project. That does not mean the TGA legal team has been dorment.

1- TGA appealed the SEPA application on 2/26/20.
2- Our Attorneys filed their brief with the court on our mandamus case. It is a very interesting read and gets to the heart of the case. Click on this link -
WRIT OF MANDAMUS BRIEF, to read the brief and fully understand the implications of our case with Spokane County Planning Department.
2- A court date for our writ of mandamus case with the county has been set for 6/26/20. The public is suppose to be able to attend the hearing but due to the social distancing rules at the time it is hard to say what the court will do. As soon as we are notified we will send the community a notice but in the meantime save 6/26/20 at 3pm if you plan on attending the hearing and listen to the county's arguments as to why they shouldn't respond to our request.


Notice of Application
County Lighting Code
Addendum to Adapt Existing SEPA- Unofficial Copy

To read the Notice of Application click on this link - APPLICATION.

Folks this is your opportunity to let the county know your thoughts. Don't miss this opportunity to express your feelings.


Help Glenrose renew our FIREWISE STATUS. If you have performed work on your property or had work hired done click on this link - Firewise Form, fill it out and mail or email back to us. It will help us fulfill our $2 per capita per year requirement showing we have worked towards making our community Firewise.

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Thanks so much for your care and concern for our community!

How do you define Glenrose?

Does this picture define our rural character? 
Does the picture below?
(Artist rendition of proposed Sports Complex)

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