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Monthly TGA Mtg at Moran Library, 6-8pm

Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal Rd.
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October 14th
4606 S Dyer Rd



     Do you see your house in the photo? Krell Hill referenced in the photo is what we know as Tower Mountain today. Can you spot the white barn near the corner of 29th & Glenrose? One thing that can't be missed is all of the apple orchards. They were very much a part of Glenrose back in the day. Many of the original trees still exist.  
          In honor of our past and a great way to have some good Glenrose fun don't miss our cider pressing party. Everyone is invited and welcome to attend. See photo's below of past events. Let us know if your coming and how many friends and family you are bringing so we can plan the event. Bring some apples and take home some cider!

Now We need some Cider Pressers!

          If you haven't been to a good old fashioned Glenrose Cider Pressing Party plan on being there on this coming Saturday. It's simply a lot of fun. The kids love it. We're particularly excited to have local country band, "Haywire", back again this year! They really add to the flavor of the event and give the famous Glenrose Cider a memorable taste for the rest of the year. 
 See you there!


As you can see from the picture it takes a lot of apples to make apple cider. It's a guarantee, if you bring apples, you'll take home cider. We will have gallon jugs but if you can bring a container(s) you'll be sure to get some cider in case we run out.
Apples have a long history here in Glenrose. This area was a major supplier for apples before the railroads made it to Yakima in the 1920's. If you look for them you will see many of the old apple trees around the area like the ones in the picture above. If you would like to come and help pick apples some of us are getting together this coming Saturday, October 7th, at 9:30AM, at 4606 S Dyer Rd. Bring a bucket and see what it's all about. It's a fun time and a great way to meet your neighbors. The more apples we have the more cider we can make.
If you are tied up Saturday just be sure and bring apples and containers to the party on the 14th. It's a potluck so bring some chili, a salad, and drinks of you choice to the party. Folding chairs are handy too. TGA will have hot dogs, buns, relish, plates, bowls, napkins and silverware. 
Let us know if you and your clan can make it. Call Richard at 509-448-7317 or click here to email him. 

Chili, Salad, or Dessert, and Drinks of your choice, Chairs, & Lots of Apples. It takes apples to make cider so bring lots if you have access to them. They don't need to be store bought are a particular kind. Variety makes for great Cider!

                               RSVP BY 10/1 SO WE CAN MAKE PLANS


RSVP to Richard Brooke, 509-448-7317. Let us know how many from your clan are coming and what dish you will be bringing.
Hot Dogs, Buns, Relish, Plates, Bowls, Napkins, Silverware, and a supply of Gallon Containers for your Apple Cider. Bring containers for cider if you have them to insure you can take home cider.




Women's Club Mtg., details to be announced.
For more information please contact Stephanie. You can email her at or give her a call - 206-229-7563.

If you haven't joined/renewed your membership to TGA now is the time!

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Did the recent round of dry smoky weather catch your attention? Here is a check list for making your place more wildfire resistant.
1. Get a free assessment of your property. Click on this link -
Spokane Conservation District, to learn how.
2. Plan your projects in the late spring and summer.
3. Thin in late fall to early spring when the bark beetles are not flying and there is not a fire danger.
4. No fires when it is dry and hot. Click on this link-
Spokane Regional Clean Air, for burning rules and restrictions.
5. Pat yourself on the back for your hardwork!

Click on the link below for latest tip on decks.

Ember Ignited Decks

As many of you are aware TGA has been running a statement ad in the S/R multiple times this month confirming the community's commitment to keeping Glenrose rural! On December 15th we had a full page ad with 630 petition names. If you didn't see it click on this link, FULL PAGE, to see the ad. If you signed the petition and aren't in the paper it is simply because of newspaper deadlines and when you signed the petition. We have now collected over 750 names of people supporting our cause to keep Glenrose rural

Click on image to see full rez ad


A quick update on our appeal to Superior Court. It was filed on April 14th, 2021. Initial hearing dates and case schedules are being worked out between the county attorney and our attorney, David Bricklin.


The Spokane County Hearing Examiner, Mr. David Hubert, made his ruling. If you recall we appealed the Planning Director's administrative interpretation of the Sports Complex. The Planning Director, John Pederson, confirmed that the proposed sports complex is a "Community Recreation Facility" and therefore is allowed in our rural community. The Hearing Examiner agreed with the planning director. To read his ruling click on this link, Hearing Examiner Decision. To the consternation of our attorney, our Glenrose legal committee, and the entire Glenrose Association Board, neither the hearing examiner or the planning director have been willing to look at what this proposed sports complex actually is. Their position is that in our rural area the only thing that is allowed is a community recreation facility so that is what the proposed sports complex must be. For those of us that have followed this case this line of thinking makes absolutely no sense! 

After conferring with our attorney the Glenrose Association Board of Directors has decided to appeal this decision to Superior Court where we will have an entity that will give this case a totally unbiased look. The hearing examiner works for the planning department and unfortunately he generally finds for the county. At least in superior court we will have someone who will look at the facts of this case for what they are. Keep your fingers crossed. Our appeal will be filed by April 21, 2021.    


Board of Director News

We are excited to welcome Camille Staack Miller on to our board of directors. Camille is part of an old time family living here in Glenrose. She brings many years of perspective to our board of  directors!
We are still operating without a president which has left the board with a host of challenges. We continue to work to get the position filled


There is still no news from Lincoln County Superior Court on a date for our case to be heard before the court. In the meantime we continue to save money to pay our for our projected attorney costs when the case is tried. At our January monthly meeting there were a lot of questions about the case which is completely understandable in as much as it has been pending since 2008! If you have questions many of the answers are on our website. Click on this link, SPORTS COMPLEX INFO, to read about it.

If you are new to the area or are looking for things to do in our community here are some fun ideas right here in our own backyard!

Glenrose Trail

The Glenrose Trail parking area is located at the end of Thierman Road. There are several hiking trail options for those that are looking for a easy or more strenuous outing. Everyone that ventures onto the trails will be rewarded with beautiful views of Spokane, Spokane Valley, and beyond! Click on this link - Trail Map, for details. The trails are horse friendly for those that enjoy trail riding!


Check out 
Barn & Blossom

Wednesdays, 5-8pm enjoy live folk music, food truck, beverages for all ages.
4010 E Jamieson, just off the Palouse Hwy


Help Glenrose renew our FIREWISE STATUS. If you have performed work on your property or had work hired done click on this link - Firewise Form, fill it out and mail or email back to us. It will help us fulfill our $2 per capita per year requirement showing we have worked towards making our community Firewise.

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Thanks so much for your care and concern for our community!

How do you define Glenrose?

Does this picture define our rural character? 
Does the picture below?
(Artist rendition of proposed Sports Complex)


History of the Sports Complex

After applying for a grading permit in early January and the County Planning Department asking for public  comment through February 26th there have been no actions. The planning department is reviewing the comments but has not made a ruling on the project. That does not mean the TGA legal team has been dorment.

1- TGA appealed the SEPA application on 2/26/20.
2- Our Attorneys filed their brief with the court on our mandamus case. It is a very interesting read and gets to the heart of the case. Click on this link -
WRIT OF MANDAMUS BRIEF, to read the brief and fully understand the implications of our case with Spokane County Planning Department.
2- A court date for our writ of mandamus case with the county has been set for 6/26/20. The public is suppose to be able to attend the hearing but due to the social distancing rules at the time it is hard to say what the court will do. As soon as we are notified we will send the community a notice but in the meantime save 6/26/20 at 3pm if you plan on attending the hearing and listen to the county's arguments as to why they shouldn't respond to our request.

Folks this is your opportunity to let the county know your thoughts. Don't miss this opportunity to express your feelings.


Notice of Application
County Lighting Code
Addendum to Adapt Existing SEPA- Unofficial Copy

To read the Notice of Application click on this link - APPLICATION.


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