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 9/18 - Glenrose Assn. Mtg., 7pm, Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal Rd.

10/12 - Glenrose Cider Pressing Party, Save the Date, Watch for Details

Do you believe the rural character of Glenrose has value and is worth saving? Sign the petition. Click on this link,
PETITION, and sign on line. Invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to sign. Come to a Glenrose Association Meeting and sign a paper petition if you prefer. There is strength in numbers! We have got to yell it from the rooftops and you can show your support by signing the petition!

Composing a letter to the editor gets the word out to the general public  in the county. With all the effort put into the letters to WRC why not re-purpose your letter and send it to the S/R. Everyone in the county and city needs to hear our message. Write a letter expressing your feelings today. Need some ideas? Click
HERE to read what others have written. It will pay, guaranteed!  

One of our community members has a refurbished cider press for sale just in time for our upcoming cider party. Click on this link -
MORE INFORMATION, to contact Ryan if you are interested.


On Saturday, October 12th, we will celebrate the coming of fall here in Glenrose with a Cider Pressing Party. We will have live music, a potluck, a bonfire to roast marsh mellows, and much more. Come to the meeting and help us plan this fun event for the community!


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Women's Club Mtg., details to be announced.
For more information please contact Stephanie. You can email her at or give her a call - 206-229-7563.

If you haven't joined/renewed your membership to TGA now is the time!

We appreciate your support as we stay GLENROSE STRONG! You can join online by clicking on this link - Membership, or by printing off this membership form - membership link, and mailing back to us.

Thanks so much for your care and concern for our community!

Come to the September meeting and pickup a sign for your yard. We're asking for a $20 donation to the Glenrose legal fund to help defray the cost of the signs. If you have an existing sign with a broken stake we will have replacement stakes at the meeting. Click on this link - SIGN OR STAKE REQUEST, to order if you can't attend the meeting.

Did the recent round of dry smoky weather catch your attention? Here is a check list for making your place more wildfire resistant.
1. Get a free assessment of your property. Click on this link -
Spokane Conservation District, to learn how.
2. Plan your projects in the late spring and summer.
3. Thin in late fall to early spring when the bark beetles are not flying and there is not a fire danger.
4. No fires when it is dry and hot. Click on this link-
Spokane Regional Clean Air, for burning rules and restrictions.
5. Pat yourself on the back for your hardwork!

Click on the link below for latest tip on decks.

Ember Ignited Decks


Monthly association meetings held at Moran Prairie Library 7:00PM – 9:00PM.
Meeting dates & notifications sent by email

NEXT MEETING: October 16th 2019

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Many of you have wondered how the county planning department responded to our request for an "ADMINISTRATIVE DETERMINATION" of the zoning as it relates to the proposed sports complex. Basically we have asked the planning department to justify how this regional sports complex can be called a community recreational facility.  To read the letter click on this link - REQUEST. The short answer is the County hasn't responded to date. We will discuss more on this at this months meeting.

On a separate note a public workshop has been scheduled to consider the Draft Spokane County Comprehensive Plan Update and to provide opportunity for agencies and the public to provide comment on the proposal. The Spokane County Comprehensive Plan Update is a periodic review of plans and development regulations. The current update in not a major update of the plan, but generally reflects implementation of revisions to state laws, corrections to inconsistencies in the plan and changes to administrative processes.
The workshop will be held on September 26, 2019 in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room, lower level, Public Works Building located at 1026 W. Broadway Avenue, Spokane, WA. The workshop will begin at 9:00 a.m. or as soon as possible thereafter and concluding with the last speaker or at 4:00 P.M., whichever comes first. If necessary, the workshop may be continued. For those of you that are interested in attending the workshop and testifying we will discuss the comprehensive plan and how it relates to Glenrose at our monthly meeting. To read the planning report for the proposal click on this link - SPOKANE COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE. If you are unable to attend our monthly meeting and/or would like more information requests for information should be directed to Steve Davenport, AICP, Spokane County Department of Building and Planning, 1026 W Broadway Ave., Spokane, WA. 99260 (509) 477-7221. 




Have you seen this view? If you want some breathtaking views like this of Spokane and Spokane Valley you don't want to miss this Dishman Hills Conservancy sponsored hike tomorrow morning, Saturday, September 7th from our own Glenrose Trailhead. They will meet at 9am. For more details and to reserve your spot for this fun outing click on this link, Glenrose Hike. The perfect way to start you Saturday here in Glenrose!


April Is Renewal Month
Each year leading up to the annual meeting we ask for your support by joining/renewing THE GLENROSE ASSOCIATION. Click on the link - President's Message, to read President Bob Hyslop's Letter to kick off this years membership/donation drive. The message has a lot of information about future events but emphasizes the importance of supporting our community through your membership and donation.

You haven't had a chance to fill out your Glenrose Membership application yet? You can now do it online! Click on this link to our website - On Line Membership Application - and join/renew your membership today.

Do you like the new sign at the corner of 37th & Glenrose? If you would like one of your own to mount on your fence they can be had for $174.08. Click on this link - SIGN INFORMATION, for details.


Help Glenrose renew our FIREWISE STATUS. If you have performed work on your property or had work hired done click on this link - Firewise Form, fill it out and mail or email back to us. It will help us fulfill our $2 per capita per year requirement showing we have worked towards making our community Firewise.


Have you signed the petition? Click on this link - PETITION, and sign it today.


Glenrose/Carnahan Round-A-Bout is Done!

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Spokane County has asked us if we would like to beautify the new Glenrose Round-A-Bout. Do you have any ideas?
How would you like to welcome folks to Glenrose?
Come to the meeting and help us design the center of the new round-a-bout.
Read on to learn the parameters we must work with.
In the line drawing above zones A, B, & C correspond to the inner circle in the picture above.

Guidelines for Landscaping Center of Roundabout .

Zone A  
This zone is outside the Clear Zone and outside the Sight Distance Zone.
Signs with very abbreviated wording. 
Statues.  Nothing lifelike that could cause drivers to swerve at night. 
Trees/Plants.  Nothing that would get too big.  Limbs shall not encroach on sight lines.

 In Zone B

Larger Rocks

Zone B
Sight Distance Zone.  Keep sight lines open between 1 foot from ground and 7 feet from ground.  The landscaping should keep these sight lines without the need for maintenance (i.e. constant trimming).
Landscape rock
Decorative curbing
Plants.  Not recommended in Zone C
Small boulders.  Not recommended in Zone C

Zone C
Clear Zone.  Everything in the zone shall be crashworthy.  This area will be the most likely to sustain damage from larger vehicles mounting the center curbing on occasion.  Landscaping would need to be durable.
Crushed surfacing
Landscape rock

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