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A Registered Washington State Non Profit Corporation with Federal 501 (C) 3 Status
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TGA Monthly Mtg., Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal St., 6-8pm Date to be announced.

We'd love your feedback on the roads and traffic here in Glenrose
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This year marks our 15th year Glenrose has continued to fight the Sports Complex Development. Who would have guessed we would still be immersed in this fight back in 2008, some 15 years later. One thing is for sure the Glenrose community has stood behind the belief that the county crossed a line in the sand way back then, and has stood its ground ever since. This is a fact that the entire community should be very proud of.

Iím sure all of you agree with me when I say it is my hope Glenrose will finally be able to have this issue settled in court to our satisfaction by years end. I think we all believe a ruling in our favor will not only be to the benefit of Glenrose but the entire county. However, if the fight takes longer, I believe Glenrose will not waiver and we will continue until we have our day in court. 

Glenrose is changing in so many ways, right in front of our eyes. Please bring your concerns and ideas Wednesday night on the priorities and direction for 2023.
Best Regards,
Richard Brooke
Vice President
The Glenrose Association



2023 Officers & Board Members


Vice President
Richard Brooke

Colleen Goodwin

Eric Kern

Board Members:

Philip Brooke
(Director Of Legal Affairs)

Larry Hopkins
(Director Of Environment)

Kathy Fair 
(Director Of Memberships

Sara Kern
(Director At Large)

Bob Hyslop
(Director at Large)

Camille Staack-Miller
(Director at Large)




Mission Statement

Our Mission
The Glenrose Association is dedicated to the preservation of the rural character of Glenrose.

Our Vision
By planning and sponsoring a variety of community events, we hope to promote greater awareness of Glenrose and to build a strong sense of community. Keeping Glenrose a safe, and vibrant place to live, work and play. In addition, we represent our communityís interest before local government and administrative agencies in planning and other important community matters.

Our Commitment
We are committed to preserving the history, traditions and appearance of Glenrose, as well as protecting its abundant natural habitats and wildlife.

We invite you to click on the link to the left and sign our online petition stating that you oppose the development of the proposed sports complex. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential with only your name displayed if you choose. We plan to use the results of the petition to demonstrate our solidarity regarding the preservation of the rural character of Glenrose and its importance to residents and visitors to the Glenrose Community. Please encourage your friends and family to sign the petition if they agree.




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